Wedding Ceremonies


Elegant, innovative, romantic, unique, quirky, simple – Gregory works with every couple to create the perfect ceremony that they’ll remember with joy.

Couples select an independent minister/officiant for a variety of reasons – ease, affordability, flexibility, and to side-step the complications and hassles of working with church-based ministers and their sometimes inflexible rules and requirements.

Working together, Gregory and you will write and select all the parts of your wedding service, including greetings, prayers, readings, vows, and blessings. You will be able to review drafts and request changes until the ceremony is exactly to your likening.

You’ll be able to fully personalize your ceremony, adding those features, symbols, readings, gestures, and parts that will help make your celebration an expression of your love for one another and one that everyone will remember.

The ceremony is planned with your venue of your choice in mind, be it a hall, home, restaurant, outdoor location, or some other setting.

Gregory has been helping Christian, interfaith, humanist, naturalist, non-religious, and same-sex couples celebrate their perfect wedding – let him do the same for you.


After carefully listening to you about the style of wedding service you prefer, Gregory will use rely on his vast wedding service resources to draft a ceremony for your review.

Then, working in-person and/or via email, he’ll work with you to incorporate your changes, edits, and additions until you have the perfect, personalized wedding ceremony.


Reliable and experienced, Gregory always arrives to the venue early, ready to sign the marriage license and perform the wedding.

A prior rehearsal is possible, if desired.

It tends to work best if the marriage license is signed before the ceremony.


Marriage preparation can make the transition to married life easier for many couples.

Gregory regularly meets with couples in the months and weeks leading up to the wedding to help the couple spiritually, emotionally, and practically prepare for married life.

How many times you wish to meet and the topics discussed are completely up to you, or Gregory can help you work out a personal approach and set of conversations.

Topics for discussion can include spirituality and married life, family dynamics, preparing for children, how to be a supportive, nurturing partner, healthy conflict resolution, expectation setting, and the practical aspects of life together.

The suggested donation per session is $25.

If one or more meetings for marriage preparation sounds useful or appealing, reach out to Gregory to speak further.


Gregory approaches wedding officiating and preparation as a ministry. However, the fees suggested below help him provide meaningful wedding services for needy and low-income couples as well as other services in the community.

Wedding Service Creation & Officiating

If the above cost presents an undue burden, speak with Gregory about sliding scale and reduced fees.

Payments can be made in cash or check and are due at the time of the ceremony.

Scheduling should be done in advance, but last minute requests can be accomodated, if possible.

Contact Gregory to learn more or schedule your wedding celebration today!

Gregory Gronbacher, Ph.D.